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Orange Moroccan sabra rug featuring traditional Berber motif, set against a backdrop of grass trees - Moroccan Interior
Orange Moroccan sabra rug with Berber motif against a grass background - Moroccan Interior
Moroccan sabra rug with Berber motif - Moroccan Interior

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Moroccan Sabra Rug Pale Orange

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The patterns/symbols style and colors on the rug may vary.

Drawing inspiration from the intricate and time-honored motifs found within Morocco's ancient Berber tribe, our Sabra Rug in Pale Orange intricately weaves together bold geometric designs and captivating hues. Reflecting the elegance and significance of ancestral patterns, this stunning area rug pays homage to the cultural richness and historical legacy of traditional Moroccan textile artistry.

Versatile enough to grace bedrooms, living areas, or dining rooms, this flatweave area rug brings forth a distinctive statement wherever it finds a place. Its vibrant design echoes the cultural richness of Berber artistry, infusing each space with a touch of tradition and heritage.

  • Materials: Cactus Silk
  • Condition: New
  • Color: Pale Orange
  • Time to make: 2-4 weeks
This piece of art will take up to three weeks to be crafted
Length: 8'1" Feet(244cm)
Width: 4'8" Feet(148cm)

Dry clean only, do not apply water or any washing chemicals as colors will bleed.

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