Light blue Moroccan Pom pom blanket on top of a bed with pillows in a bedroom with berber furniture - Moroccan Interior
Moroccan Pompom Blanket in light blue against a white background - Moroccan Interior

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Pom Pom Blanket Light Blue - Custom Made

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Crafted to elevate your relaxation, this blanket exudes both warmth and style. Whether draped casually over your favorite chair or elegantly layered atop your bedding, its playful pom pom accents effortlessly accentuate your space with a fusion of classic and modern allure.

Uncover the charm of timeless elegance with our Monochrome Pom Pom Blanket. Revel in its luxurious softness and fascinating details, transforming every moment of respite into a chic and cozy affair.

Each blanket takes up to 10 days to be woven and checked for quality purposes. We aim to deliver a high-quality handmade end product to fulfill our customer's satisfaction.


  • Materials: Cotton
  • Region: Essaouira Morocco
  • Color: Light Blue
  • Condition: New
  • Time to make: 2-10 days


  • 94” x 118” in (240 x 300 cm)
  • 78” x 118” in (200 x 300 cm)
  • 59” x 98” in (150 x 250 cm)
  • 59” x 47” in (150 x 120 cm)

Production time

Each blanket takes up to 10 days to be woven

Dry clean or machine wash on a delicate setting at 20/30ºC


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